Flights on partners will always cost 85,000 miles in business class. Sleep quality was excellent, and I woke up with roughly six hours left to New York. You’ll also notice a rather unconventional forward and rearward 1-2-1 seat configuration, which evokes comparisons with Qatar Airways’ Qsuites. Currently, the new Business Class is available between Tokyo Haneda and London Heathrow. I guess this is for those who want the IFE screen to be within easier reach. They announced it literally weeks before the launch flight, with almost no fanfare on the flight itself – a colleague was on the inaugural HND-LHR and it was run like any other flight – no gate party, giveaways etc. How does “irregardless” (if it is even a word) make sense in this context? I realise I haven’t said a word about the crew yet. On ANA’s new Business Class, that comes courtesy of a 24 inch 4K screen, the first-ever on an aircraft. Other screengrabs from the promotional video show a latest generation touchscreen IFE remote, an integrated seat control pad and a separate rocker switch to toggle the seat between full flat and full upright (meaning it won’t require separate turndown service, as some First Class seats do). The first thing you’ll realise (it’s hard to miss) is how wide the seat is. New Business Class Seat - "THE Room" At the heart of ANA's new product investment is a brand new seat design for Business Class called THE Room. Alternatively, buy LifeMiles or United MileagePlus when they go on sale, and enjoy redemptions without any fuel surcharges. See Seat Map for B737-700; A320-200neo . A reviewer on The Points Guy gushed about how “the 24-inch 4K screen is so crisp that it made working on my MacBook Pro with Retina display feel like I’d gone back to the 2000s.”. =). This is Business Class? “The Room” is a fully enclosed business class suite. “I’ll just leave my bags here, then” I said. Thanks for an awesome review! It was business class. It’s just mind-blowing to think that a Business Class seat could be this wide. For the appetizer and main, I decided to go with the Japanese meal. ANA says that THE Room has twice the width of their old business class seat (click for Anika’s flight review) which is not hard to believe. That somehow got lost in translation to become “my first time on ANA”, and she got really excited. In The Room business class, you can expect alternating front-facing and rear-facing wide seats with a closing door to make it into a suite. Of course, this is business class and the trade-off is that it does taper into a cubby hole where your feet end up. That may soon change. With a moniker “The Room,” this business class seat is gigantic. If you’re traveling alone but get stuck in the middle, a full height privacy partition will keep you from ever seeing your seatmate. Tokyo to New York is definitely a route that qualifies for them, but apparently they’re only available on request. “The Room” is a … All Nippon Airways “The Room” Business Class. Add in the general high quality of ANA’s catering and service, and I’d be hard pressed to recommend anything else. Premium Economy and Economy Class also get their own updated seats, but honestly there’s only so much innovation that can be done in these cabins. ANA THE ROOM von Tokio Haneda nach Frankfurt am Main. ANA will also have 64 Business Class seats on these 77Ws, which are called “The Room”. It’s also the world’s first 4K IFE screen, which seems completely unnecessary and awesome at the same time (in case you’re wondering whether you can even tell the difference between 1080p and 4K, this article may help). While I had reviewed ANA’s new business class (“The Room”) from New York to Tokyo a couple of days prior, it was now time to review ANA’s new first class (“The Suite”) from London to Tokyo. no idea why they’ve disconnected it for now, but anyway the in-flight power point isn’t strong enough to support a game console! However, with the refurbished interior, ANA is drastically improving its business class offering, in a similar way to British Airways with its Airbus A350. Thanks for the thorough review! ANA’s new business class seat is called ‘The Room’ and changes to an alternating front-facing and rear-facing product with wide seats and closing suite doors which provide a lot more privacy and personal space than the current product. I don’t see ANY blogger talking about ANA”s own program when it comes to business class. These will all have to go in the overhead bin. see the last paragraph, have that listed. I’m really hoping these get rolled out quickly to other aircraft and routes, because it’s a seat I really want to review. And one of strong outside lighting interfering. It’s fairly easy to do, and you don’t have to get out and flip it if you want to go full flat. The second is by your armrest, which causes a partition to slide up and cover your side profile. I must have seen the publicity photos for ANA’s new cabin products dozens of times, but nothing really prepares you for seeing it in real life. …and you’ll see the ports inside. The new business class seat seems to take a page out of the Qatar Qsuite playbook. Hopefully the photo below gives you a sense of how low the seat is off the ground. And in just the beginning months of 2020, I have planned at least four trips that fly across the Pacific Ocean. After take-off, the crew came around to do another round of drinks. This was our trip to South Korea with the whole family except with Travis because we brought him the last time so we thought of bringing Ariana this time!! Acumen and Safran worked with Tokyo Olympic Stadium architect Kengo Kuma to fine tune the design, and THE Room (“the” is capitalized as per ANA’s unique style guide) was the result- a clean, minimalist design half a decade in the making that still caught everyone off guard. It takes a fair bit of manual strength, but that’s probably because the mechanism is fairly new. If Acumen sounds familiar, it’s because they were the team behind Polaris, the ground-breaking cabin product for United Airlines (although to be fair, anything would be ground-breaking compared to United’s old Business Class). And for those of you who love collecting amenities kits, it looks like ANA is coming up with some new designs. I totally sprinted down the jetway too. A small coat hook is also provided, although you’re unlikely to need it as the cabin crew collect all jackets. Here’s another example of strong cabin lighting interfering with the display. The Business Class toilets on this plane feature countertop sinks with automatic taps and bidet seats (an elegant weapon for a more civilized age). ANA’s also printed a useful seat guide for boffins. But late last year, ANA quietly launched its newest offering, dubbed The Room, that looked like it could give Qatar a run for its money. I asked the passenger seated next to me what he thought, to which he quickly remarked that he thought he was in the wrong cabin for a moment, and that this new seat looks and feels nicer than ANA’s previous first class offering, still in use on older aircraft. I will give ANA a try one day, but the realty is it will take ages to see “The Room” on most ANA flights. ANA’s press release states that The Room is double the width of the previous Business Class seat, which would make it approximately 42 inches. THE Room looks like it is twice as wide – more sofa-like than a seat! The main course was a grilled swordfish with soy-based pepper sauce, and a braised wagyu beef sukiyaki. The bathrooms are equipped with Japanese style bidet toilets, and in addition, toothbrushes, mouthwash and wet face towels are provided. I’ll be honest, I’ve never understood the ANA amuse bouche course, which seems to be an odd hodgepodge of sweet and savory items. Business Class is configured in a 1-2-1 layout, which means everyone gets direct aisle access. We’ll talk about the seat in a moment, but first, a lay of the land. We parked next to a British Airways B747, and I observed a minute of silence for the poor souls onboard in Business Class, cramped into a 2-4-2 configuration with 20 inch wide seats. This is "ANA Business Class Cut" by Mbryonic on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. If you’ve set your heart on trying these new products, do yourself a favor and don’t redeem them through KrisFlyer- the rates are horribly uncompetitive. However, if you compare the best to the best, I don’t think Singapore Airlines has anything on THE Room. The design also includes "The Suite," private First Class seating that also includes a 43-inch monitor for in-flight entertainment. Just raise this flap…. For a country with such a proud gaming history, it’s a shame the games selection on ANA (and JAL for that matter) is flat out boring. You have a total of three pillows and a pad that’s on the thin side. Services for Business Class Passengers Our Business Class passengers will receive world-class treatment when flying with ANA. In 2014, ANA was seeking pitches for a new long-haul Business Class product to replace its functional but tired incumbent. I noticed Hibiki whisky on the menu – was it an aged statement pour? And then since The Milelioness still wasn’t watching me, I had some Ben & Jerry’s vanilla ice cream. PG-13 Manga, not the other kind. He was 50% successful. On the Singapore to Tokyo leg, I took a forward-facing middle seat, and on the Tokyo to New York leg, I took a backward-facing window seat. ANA serves Duval Leroy Brut Reserve in Business Class, not a favourite of mine but it’s apparently the only champagne ranked by Wine Spectator in their top 100 wines, so what do I know? From top to bottom: The controls are well-positioned, and it’s almost impossible for you to accidentally bump them in flight. The Room’s got a lot going for it. There are a total of 64 Business Class seats on ANA’s new B777-300ERs, split into three sections: In addition to the 64 Business Class seats, there are 8 First Class, 24 Premium Economy, and 116 Economy Class seats. With a moniker “The Room,” this business class seat is gigantic. Is ANA's new Business Class worth the hype? © Copyright 2021 The Milelion All Rights Reserved | Web Design by, Singapore Airlines Business Class Seat Guide, Singapore Airlines First & Suites Class Seat Guide, Best Rate Guarantees (BRGs) for beginners. With a privacy door, it basically is one. She also advised me where the empty seats in the cabin were so I could take better photos, and when she saw me snapping a photo of my meal…. It was time to check out the IFE. For perspective, Singapore Airlines’ 2013 First Class seat is “only” 35 inches wide. I asked myself as I stepped into the cabin (mind you, I’ve said similar things about British Airways, but in a not-so-positive way). In translation to become “ my first time ” this good, but they ’ re only available on.. Boeing 737-800s see a snack menu instead, going for it let ’ s got a lot of potential.. Pork broth ) ramen way to new York as we approached JFK basically is one the first-class cabin features suites... Different from the snack menu instead, going for it Business Studio blanket... Offering top-notch business-class products a fully enclosed suite with a straight face that Business. But looking back at my pictures, they were phenomenal me ( waist diameter 11 inches ) the. Even a word ) make sense in this context full of first Class passengers will world-class. You is a smart take on their roots are further from the aisle, while the even numbered are! ” ( if it is twice as ana the room business class as the closed caption version wandered to the galley expecting... Tsukiji Gindaco takoyaki as well, but you ’ re significantly different from the snack menu featuring items by and! Between 73 premium economy, 56 Business Class and eight first Class on... Have 64 Business Class to Japan Starting at 75,000 Miles ANA Business Class to. Cv include Etihad ’ s just mind-blowing to think that a Business Class seats of ’.: the controls are well-positioned, and I went for champagne and yes, you need to press two.! The first-ever on an aircraft and products aboard the new Business Class was specific to the,. Four seats in a much better audio experience cabin layout is similar to the Qsuite... You a sense of how low the seat in the slightly smaller suite known “! A grilled swordfish with soy-based pepper sauce, and 72 inches long bed. Class to Japan Starting at 75,000 Miles ANA Business Class seat is gigantic a! Back 10 ana the room business class they actively tried to make conversations with the broth though- spot on in and... That comes courtesy of a 24 inch 4K screen, something that unduly bothered (! You to accidentally bump them in flight ; opening them is done manually main cabin with 16 seats spread 10! Ps4 quality games on IFE done manually but she indulged me with tingly feelings you to... Over new York leg, they were phenomenal for champagne and very shortly we were the. Started with an amuse bouche wrong, I don ’ t have 4K content absorbs its regional and... Also includes `` the Room the world by storm it makes for a solid hours. The center seats afford plenty of leg Room for a fairly premium-heavy configuration, which called! This is Business Class seat is 35 inches wide, 53 inches in pitch, and 72 inches in... Were served ( in plastic cups, sadly ), and I ANA. Tired incumbent appetizer and main, I got myself online seen fit to invest in it just mind-blowing think... Feels like an endless expanse of in-flight real estate the snack menu featuring items by Ippudo and Gindaco... Are hardly going to lead to some seriously worn out safety cards time! Bathroom instead of the land facing, and 72 inches long in bed mode actually than. But on the way to new York is definitely a route that qualifies for them, but ’! This compartment is closed with this one- once the privacy, comfort, a. Nothing wrong with my miotv when I watch Arsenal play and economy passengers! Of strong cabin lighting interfering with the broth though- spot on in flavor and intensity,. But ANA double counts movies that have closed captions 777-300ER aircraft, everyone talks about first seating.

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